AE type Reactors

Design Parameters of  AE Type Reactors

Description Inner vessel Jacket
Design pressure 6kg/cm2/F.V. 6kg/cm2
Design temperature -25 to 200°C -25 to 200°C
Max. allowable pressure 6 kg/cm,2G/F.V. 6kg/cm2G
Final hydrostatic test 6kg/cm2 G 6kg/cm2 G
Radiography shell/head Spot /full Nil/full
Joint efficiency 0.85/1.0 0.70/1
Corrosion allowance 1.0/0.0/0.0 1.0/0.0/wetted/not wetted/GL

DIN codes related to AE series reactors

Overall Dimensions DIN 28136 part 1‐2
Nozzle Positions DIN 28136 part 3
Impeller Agitator DIN 28157
Anchor Agitator DIN 28158
Baffles DIN 28146
Thermopockets DIN 28147
Jacket Nozzles DIN 28151
General Tolerance DIN 28006 part 2
Assembly DIN 28130 part 2

Material & Grades

Main shell, heads, blind flange, manhole cover & Center opening cover (COC) Enamel Quality steel
SA 285 – Gr C
SA 516M GR. 380
Manhole (MH), main shell & COC body flange & main shell nozzles, MH protection ring, spindle Enamel quality forging
SA 836M or SA 181M Cl 60
Pad plate, agitator connecting head, reducing flange, Agitator and baffle pipe & GL Pipes Enamel quality forging
SA836M or SA 181M CL 60 or SA 105M
Enamel quality pipe SA 106 Gr. B.
Nozzle backing flange (split type) SA 216 M Gr. WCB or SA 285 – Gr C/IS 2062 GRB
C Clamp & J bolts SA 105M
Gasket PTFE envelope-non-asbestos with SS304 corrugated ring inserts
Nozzle bolt & nuts IS 1367 CL 4/4.6
Jacket shell, heads & closer ring SA 285 – Gr C
Jacket nozzle necks SA 106 Gr. B
WNRF/ SORF flange for jacket nozzle supports SA 105 Gr. B
Drive unit components Carbon steel eqvt. To IS 2062 / CI, IS 210 Gr. 150
Valves ( flush & diaphragm type) C.I. – IS 210 Gr. 260
Fittings ( bend, tee, reducer etc.) C.I. – IS 210 Gr. – 150/SA 234 Gr. WPB
SA 234M Gr. WPB or IS -210 Gr. 150