Automatic Filter Press

Automated Filter Presses
FILTER PRESS INDIA made full automation possible by incorporating corner feed plates into its filter press design. Eliminating center-feed eyes and stay bosses removed restrictions to membrane movement and consistently produces more uniformly squeezed cake. A more uniform cake, in combination with newly developed filter fabrics, allows easy discharge of the cake from the plate.

Simple cake removal, never before available with conventional fixed-volume, recessed-chamber plate filter presses, allows FILTER PRESS INDIA to automate your filter press. An automated filter press includes a programmable logic controller (PLC) and may be supplemented with a local control panel, CRT, or touch-screen panel.

Available automation includes :

  • Opening and Closing
  • Process Valve Operations:
    • Filtration
    • Wash
    • Squeeze
  • Automatic Plate Shifting
  • Conveyor Operation
  • Cloth Washing

Where high production rates are desired, a fully automated FILTER PRESS INDIA Membrane Filter Press will usually outperform conventional filter presses and other equipment such as rotary drum vacuum filters, centrifuges, and belt presses.