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  • What is Membrane Filter Press?
    The slurry is pumped and fills the chambers at a low pressure which gradually builds-up the cake inside. After that, the membranes, of empty chamber type plates, are pressed back […]
  • What is Hydraulic Filter Press?
    The hydraulic opening and closing system will include one double-acting hydraulic cylinder and one hydraulic power pack. The system will be designed to automatically maintain the proper clamping force throughout […]
  • What is Automatic Filter Press?
    Automatic filter press includes Auto hydraulic system, auto plate shifting mechanism, auto drippage collection system, auto cloth cleaning mechanism, etc. all these mechanisms are interlocked & pre-programmed in PLC to […]
  • What is Filter Press or Press Filter?
    Filter presses were introduced at the turn of the century and have been around for many years mainly dewatering waste sludge. A filter press is a piece of equipment used […]