Filter Plates


The recess chamber filter elements are the most widely used for any filtration processes with normal dry solids filtration demands. They are available in both gasket and non-gasketed styles, in sizes that ranges from 305mm To 1500mm. They are manufactured in polypropylene for superior corrosion resistance and long service life.

Gasketed filter plates allow less chance of leakage and non-gaskated type of plate due to an o-ring seal around the chamber and the filtrate pots.

The Group is Chaired by Mr. K.D. Patel ( who started this illustrious journey of manufacturing and exports of filter press in 1982.


Plates and Frames are made of light, hygienic, chemical resistance polypropylene.They are easy to handle and practically maintenance free. Plates and frames are uniquely suited for basic filtration processes. They have been proven reliable and efficient in chemical processes, the beverage industries, and biochemical, pharmaceutical, and blood and plasma .The sizes are from 610mm to 1200mm applications.


We recommends the corner feed plates because of their numerous design advantages for virtually every filter press installations. Plate and frame type plates offers the most efficient cake formation and provides even solid distributions throughout the plate stack. More importantly, eliminating a center feed eye allows construction of a stronger plate requiring no supporting stay bosses which hamper through cake washing and cake discharge.

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Sizes And Style

Full range of Plate Sizes and Styles
  • Recessed chamber plate
  • Gasketed chamber plate
  • Non-gasketed chamber plate
  • Membrane / squeeze plate
  • Plates and Frames
  • 5 kg/cm2 to 15kg/cm2 operations
  • center feed
  • corner feed
  • cake thickness up to 50 mm
  • Suitable for any style of filter press
Sizes Available
305mm X 305mm 460mm X 460mm 610mm X 610mm
760mm X 760mm 800mm X 800mm 915mm X 915mm
1000mm X 1000mm 1175mm X 1225mm 1200mm X 1200mm
1500mm X 1500mm Circular Sizes Odds
Drainage Pips Advantage
  • Excellent cloth support
  • Minimum cloth wear
  • Greater plate strength
  • Higher filtration rates
  • Optimum cake formation
  • Minimum web definition

Manufacturing Processes

  • Over 15 years of experience in plate molding
  • 100 % Virgin materials (Non pigmented)
  • wide resign selection for special application
  • continuous development and testing for quality and improvement
  • advance injection cum compression molding process

Choice Of Filter Pressure

  • Thick and thin webs on chamber plates for 100 psi (7 bar) and 225 psi (15 bar) Operations.
  • Plates and Frames operating up to 100 psi (7 bar)

Machining Capabilities

  • CNC machining centers
  • Plates finished within 0.015″ parallelism.
  • Handles machined to customers special requirement

Multiple Material Choice

  • Polypropylene : Most application up to 1000C
  • Glass reinforced Polypropylene :Special applications
  • PVDF : Special application up to 1200C

Customer Services

  • Standard molded sizes in stock
  • Reliable delivery
  • Technical assistance with customer plate application

Quality Control

  • Continuous process control
  • 100 % inspection
  • Ultrasonic inspection capability