Filter Press Terminology

Tie Bar:

Two bars, mainly horizontal or round, which are bolted at their ends to two fixed headers with legs. This bars also support the plate pack as well as other accessory like shifting mechanisms, cloth discharge mechanisms etc.

Main Body (Head Plate) :

There are connections for sludge feed and filtrate outlet and is usually fixed to the foundation.

Half Round Body :

It houses the pull back type hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic unit.

Moving Body (Tightening Body) :

It contains the mechanical or hydraulic components that open and close the press. It also refers to end body of the filter press. It slides on the tie bars. It is moved by the hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulic Unit :

It operates the hydraulic cylinder for open / close operation of the press.

It is composed with:

  • Hydraulic Cylinder (Pull back type operated by a electric control panel
  • Automatic Distributing Valve.
  • Hydraulic unit for cylinder operation.
  • Pressure switch for automatic reinstatement of closing
  • Pressure switch for starting the feeding pump.
  • Pressure gauge for pressure control.


Chamber Plate

A single plate with a recessed cavity on both sides for the retention of the cake solids. A filter cloth covers the plate completely and is attached to the plate around the out side edge of the plate, normally with plastic ties, with this style of the plate, the filter cloth is used as a seal between the plates.

Chamber plate - Gasket

A single plate with a recessed cavity on both sides for the retention of the cake solids. A groove is cut into the recessed area of the chamber and the filter cloth is installed into the groove, below the outside seal surface of the plate. A separate groove is cut into the seal surface for the installation of an o-ring gasket, which provides the seal between the plates.

Closing Force

This is the force required to hold the press closed while under pressure from the opposing force of the incoming slurry. This force holds the plate pack closed so that the slurry will not leak from between the plates. Closing force can be supplied by means of hydraulic cylinder or mechanically.

First Plate / End Plate

In any filter press, there is one first plate and one end plate. First plate is attached with the feeding side main body with the connections.Similarly the end plate is placed behind the plate pack. They have one side recessed and one side plain.

Electric Control Panel

Manufactured in painted Mild Steel, complete with :

  • Main three – phase switch with safety locking door device Timer for No. of hours of run.
  • Starters for every single user including contractors and overload protections
  • Light indication for every operation
  • All necessary relays, contractors, Limit switches and valves
  • Water Proof protection
  • Terminal strip for connections to filter press and all ancillary equipment

Control of :

  • Hydraulic unit for open / close
  • Automatic plate shifting unit
  • Feed system (Pump)