Total Land Area 1,00,000 sq. m.
Office Floor Area 3000 sq. m.
Shop Floor Area [under crane] 30000 sq. m.
Power capacity 250 kVA / 250kVA Dgset
GAS Supply 24 hours
Equipment manufacturing capacity 60 – 80 per month
Lab & R&D Centre 600 sq. m.

Material Handling Facility

Overhead Cranes 30 MT-9 m-4 nos.
20 MT-9 m-4 nos.
10 MT-9 m-5 nos.
5 MT -9 m-4 nos.
Jib Cranes 1 MT-4 nos.
Fork Lift 3 MT-1 no., 5 MT-1 no.

Welding equipment & skilled resource

Column & boom 4000 mm x 4000 mm-3 nos.
Submerged arc 1000 Amp – 4 nos. welding machine
Welding rotator 10 tonnes-4 nos; 5 tonnes-15 set.
Welding positioner 5 tonnes-10 nos.
Welding machine 400 Amp-85 nos.
MIG unit 10 nos.
Tig welding set 4 nos.
Qualified welders 1 G position-36 nos, 2 G position-10 nos, 6 G position-4 nos.
SAW operator 3 nos.


Screw air compressor 315 CFM@7 kg/cm2, 75HP-2 nos.160 CFM@7 kg/cm2,40HP-2 nos. with refrigerated air dryer.
Standard Compressor 5 nos.

Cutting Facilities

Gas cutting up to 50 mm thickness
Profile cutting up to 50 mm thickness
Plasma arc cutting machine up to 30 mm thickness
CNC cutting machine up to 50 mm thickness
Power Haxsaw up to 250 mm dia.

Forming Facilities

Hydraulic press 400 MT/600 MT/1000 MT
Plate bending machine 2500 mm x 50 mm thickness 2 Nos. with Pre-Pinching

Welding Process


Surface Preparation Facilities

Shot Blasting unit 4 nos.
Grinding Machines 150 nos.